Lift n.1

 Lift n.2

 Lift n.3

Lift n.4

 Lift n.5

Hall n.1

Hall n.2

Hall n.3


Winter. Corridor n.1

Winter. Corridor n.2

Winter. Corridor n.3

Winter. Corridor n.4

Winter. Corridor n.5

Winter. Corridor n.6

Winter. Corridor n.7


Spring. Sea n.1

Spring. Sea n.2

Spring. Sea n.3

Spring. Sea n.4

Spring. Sea n.5

Spring. Sea n.6

Spring. Sea n.7

Spring. Sea n.8


Summer. Olive tree grove n.1

Summer. Olive tree grove n.4

Summer. Olive tree grove n.3

Summer. Olive tree grove n.4

Project Statement:

‘Seasons’ is a personal journey and response to an illness that afflicted my emotional life and identity. Being affected by Alopecia, I saw my hair disappearing and falling from my body. The work is in fact based on a parallelism between my intimate events, reflected on my physical aspect, and the natural cycle of the seasons. The body changes and assumes different shapes as nature periodically goes from the plain affirmation to a negation of itself. In all the pictures, undressed from the characteristics that make me identifiable, I confront with myself building alienating scenes of places, poses and objects.

The whole project is divided in four sections, each corresponding to a season. It starts from the Autumn, when usually hair and leaves fall. In this section, which includes 'Lift' and 'Hall', I play with my own reflected images and the mirrors become an instrument of obsessive multiplication that returns in the postproduction work at the base of the photomontages. All these pictures are revised as a memory amplifying the feeling of fragmentation and confusion.
The photos composing the winter called “Corridor” are the result of one photographic session in succeeded shots that records my movement in a claustrophobic and aseptic place. Here I confront myself with an unfamiliar environment.
In the Spring images: “Sea”, going out of the feeling of unease, I am starting to “spring up again” and in the last season named as “Olive tree grove” the mirror returns, but showing now my own confident reflected image.

Images shot with the help of Lisa Doveri.
© Copyright 2020 Alessandra Rinaudo
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